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Mission Statement

We are motorcycle riders and supporters that come together as a family to ride and share our love and values. Our family is made out of Respect: in which it is earned. Happiness: in which we carry others with us through the tough times to come out in the end with a smile. Loyalty: to ourselves, friends, family, and the community around us. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and dedicated on helping our community. Our main aim is to help families and children in need and expand what we can do for the people around us.

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On December 2nd 2017, Oregon Riders Society presented “The Springfield Christmas Parade Miracle” which was a 65 year local tradition and that had been previously cancelled by another nonprofit. With little time to plan and fundraise, ORS was able to hold a record setting event in both participation and attendance. ORS will continue to present “The Springfield Christmas Parade” but simply cannot do this without sponsorship.

 This is the 6th year to which ORS has been able to make a huge impact on children and families located in Lane County. Within the few last years, ORS has been able to help dozens of children and families to which were in dispirit need of assistance. ORS has also expanded into Douglas County and has plans to continue charity work throughout the state of Oregon.

The intention of this letter is to ask Local Business for a charitable donation to help fund parade related expenses as well as supporting the ORS mission. All proceeds from all ORS events go towards fulfilling the needs of children and families in Oregon to which cannot receive other assistance. Any donations or contributions given by Local Business will be greatly appreciated by both ORS, and the children and families in need who seek assistance. Feel free to contact us should you be able to donate, or if there are any questions or concerns.

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Oakridge Distrubution

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Douglas County Back to Summer Drive

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